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Fridge Magnets are a proven and effective way to advertise your business. How many times a day do you go to the fridge? Every time you do the magnets on your fridge are making an impression on you even if you don’t realise it. Magnets can be screen-printed with Spot Colours or Digitally Printed Full Colour, and are Square Cut as standard.

Die Cut Magnets
Why not design your magnet around one of our existing shapes, or create your own. For larger orders ask about a couple of FREE car door magnets!

Car Door Magnets
A proven & most affordable way to advertise your business to the local community and a cost effective way for companies with a fleet of vehicles to get their brand noticed.

Mag Tabs
Mag Tabs are an easy way to get your menu or calendar noticed. We can supply mag tabs cut to 40mm x 20mm, ready for sticking on to your Calendars, Menu boards or any other product.

Magnet Materials

We have a wide range of magnet material options available including:

  • 0.4mm Magnet with a 250 GSM card & Laminate: These are ideal for internal magnets and can be printed digitally when there is an image required.
  • 0.6mm Magnet: Off a roll 615mm wide and 30m long we can cut to size to suit the job. Ideal for car door magnets.
  • 0.9mm Magnets: Want a stronger and heavier product than the above? Use 0.9mm
  • Matt Finish: We created pricing boards for Phillip Morris in response to legislation that requires the industry to use non-gloss materials for advertising. Great for internal Magnets as it doesn’t reflect as much as the high gloss.

Industries we work with

Aus-Screen works with a wide range of industries and customers to meet their magnet requirements. Below are several clients and industries we currently work with:

  • Real Estate – Calendar Magnets, Community magnets, agent business card magnets
  • Council/Government – General Maintenance magnets for the Department of Defence
  • Building Trades – Plumbing Magnets for Local Plumber, Electrician magnets for Demann, Odd Jobs Magnets for Jims Trees
  • Medical Magnets – Dentistry, GP, Nurse on Call, Women’s Family Health Clinic
  • Animal – VET: Vet emergency hospitals; VET clinics; Dog Walking Services

Contact Aus-Screen

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Advantages of Screen Printing

There are many pros to using Screen Printing however, the main advantage is in producing unique visual result in large volume.

Large runs of identical graphics are less expensively when screen printed rather than the digital processes. The larger the run the more then set up costs are amortised over a larger number of units. Without expensive machinery, costs are kept low.

Under certain circumstances (Spot Colour Printing), the quality of screen printing is higher than digital (non images) as the Inks used are UV resistant and far more vibrant. Small text and fine-line illustrations are good examples of screen printing’s strong points. Photographs, however, are usually better with a digital print.

Screen printing has its own unique look. While digital provides a smooth, consistent look of perfection, screen printing has a “real life” look and feel to it. The natural textures of paint on substrate combined with the rich, pure tones of screen ink make for a unique appearance in the digital era. Depth of colour is far stronger and more vivid.

Sometimes “tough” is what is needed, and screen printing can fill the bill. Screen printing inks are relatively inexpensive and, unlike digital printing inks, changing ink types is not an issue. There are many types of specialty inks including Viospeed – A UV resistant ink for vinyl, Polycure – A UV ink for hard substrates, Corobond White – a traditional ink that will stick to just about anything and a raft of others designed for different applications. Because the inks are formulated to work specifically with individual substrates, they can adhere much more permanently than digital inks to many tricky uncoated surfaces. This results in a longer lasting product with up to 10+ years achieved for outdoor ink.