Market Size Developed: c.$100,000 Trade Partner c.40% and freed internal capacity.

Problem: One of our trade partners approached us a need for a cost-effective solution for printing all of there clients stickers and corflute signs. Even though they have in house printing functions, they wanted to free up capacity to grow providing we could print a dollar figure that made business sense. We also need to be able to match the colours to the branded stickers and signs their customers demanded.

Our Actions: Given our extensive Ink knowledge and connection with our ink supplier, were able to advise the appropriate ink and to engage the ink company in mixing inks to match branded requirements. Working closely with the client we were able to customise optimal sizes for printing given stock limitations thus reducing costs.

Screen Printing is ideally suited to long run printing, so printing a bi-annual allocation further reduced costs. The result was a superior product that the marketing company could print in house at the cost it would have incurred to print. The marketing company could utilise the extra capacity to print their core product faster and grow more quickly.

Stickers Case Study


Quality in the Outdoors –  We are able to produce high quality outdoor based products that far more durable and at a much cheaper price than compare to digital printing. UV inks rid us of the need to laminate and with conventional inks; we can create solutions for industries that are subjected to the harshness of the Australian Sun. Products are printed straight to substrate so we have a more professional appearance. Ideal products for screen-printing are often large quantities to be printed; or where there is a need for the colours to be as vivid as possible and the required to be durable and long lasting.

Shapes we can round the corners and place holes in each, often with bronze eyelets.

Custom Shapes


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