Market Size Developed: c.$500,000 Trade Partner c.40%

Problem: One of our trade partners approached us with an idea they had researched overseas and had tested demand in Australia. However they had tried and failed to find a solution that would print on durable plastics for the Mining Industry.

Our Actions: We sourced a UV based Stock with our polypropylene materials supplier and given our extensive Ink knowledge and connection with our ink supplier, were able to advise the appropriate ink. A testing phase proved the concept and from it a product was born.
From this product there has been a number of product spin offs.


Polyprope Products Developed Polyprope is an ideal material for Signs, A4 Folders, Book Covers, Packaging Boxes and Point of Sale, Business Cards and Rulers.

Polyprope as a Material It is far more malleable than acrylics and plastics, allowing for printing to occur before cutting and for cutting to be shapes other than square. It is the cheapest of these materials to print on but remain durable enough for outdoor durability. Polyprope comes in 25 different colours and 6 gauges: 0.38, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.4, 1.9mm. Because we can print on white we can mix any background colour on the PMS scale.


We have also been able to access UV protected polyprope that allows for outdoor solutions with greater durability when subjected to the Australian Sun. Perfect for industries that require solid dependable and reliable outdoor solutions.

Polyprope Quality in the Outdoors

We are able to produce high quality polyprope based products that far more durable and at a much cheaper price than compare to digital printing. UV inks rid us of the need to laminate and with conventional inks; we can create solutions for industries that are subjected to the harshness of the Australian Sun. Products are printed straight to substrate so we have a more professional appearance. Ideal products for screen-printing are often large quantities to be printed; or where there is a need for the colours to be as vivid as possible and the required to be durable and long lasting.

Shapes we can round the corners and place holes in each, often with bronze eyelets.

Custom Shapes

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