Stickers and Labels are an ideal product for screen-printing as there are often large quantities involved and the result needs to be as vivid as possible. We can produce high quality stickers and labels that are far more durable and at a much cheaper price than compared to digital printing. Using UV inks rid us of the need to laminate as commonly required with conventional inks, and means we can create solutions for a variety of industries and environments including those subjected to the harshness of the Australian Sun. When it comes to creating a unique and appealing design, sticker shapes don’t have to be square edged as we can die, or form cut your sticker to just about any shape you like. And for ease of application, stickers can come in split backs or easy peels.

Sticker Materials

Our extensive range of sticker materials include:

  • Durable 3, 5 and 7 Year White Vinyl
  • White, Clear, Permanent and Removable Vinyl
  • Silver and White Mylar plus Silver foil
  • Fluorescent Vinyl, Reflective Vinyl and Electrostatic Vinyl

We can print on any substrate and are happy to assist you in selecting the best material and ink combination to ensure optimum durability specific to your job requirements.

Industries we work with

Aus-Screen works with a wide range of industries and customers to meet their sticker requirements. Below are several clients and industries we currently work with:

  • Real Estate – For Sale Stickers, Sold Stickers and Leased Stickers.
  • Vehicle Stickers (Car, Truck, Boat) – Bumper Stickers, Service Stickers for Mechanics, Warranty Stickers, EIP Truck Stickers and Marine Stickers for Boats.
  • Health and Safety Stickers – Warning Stickers, Haz-Chem Stickers, Flammible Liquid Stickers and No Smoking Stickers.
  • Rubbish – HI Tac Vinyl Stickers combating the polyurethane in Bins for KS Environmental.
  • Council and Sports Associations – Members Car Passes, Racing Clubs and Parking Permit Stickers

Contact Aus-Screen

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Advantages Screen Printing

There are many pros to choosing Screen Printing, but the greatest advantage is in producing a unique visual result in large volume.

Large runs of identical graphics are less expensively produced when screen printed rather than digitally printed. And the math is simple – the larger the run, the cheaper the per unit costs become as the set-up costs are amortized over a larger number of units. Also without expensive machinery involved in the process, costs are kept low.

Under certain circumstances the quality of screen printing is higher than digital (non-images) as the inks used are UV resistant and far more vibrant, for example as in Spot Colour Printing. Small text and fine-line illustrations are also good examples of screen printing’s strong points. Photographs, however, are usually better with a digital print.

Screen printing has its own unique look. While digital provides a smooth, consistent look of perfection, screen printing has a “real life” look and feel to it. The natural textures of paint on substrate combined with the rich, pure tones of screen ink make for a unique appearance in the digital era. Depth of colour is far stronger and more vivid.

Sometimes “tough” is what is needed, and screen printing can fill the bill. Screen printing inks are relatively inexpensive and, unlike digital printing inks, changing ink types is not an issue. There are many types of specialty inks including Viospeed – A UV resistant ink for vinyl, Polycure – A UV ink for hard substrates, Corobond White – a traditional ink that will stick to just about anything and a raft of others designed for different applications. Because the inks are formulated to work specifically with individual substrates, they can adhere much more permanently than digital inks to many tricky uncoated surfaces. This results in a longer lasting product with up to 10+ years achieved for outdoor ink.